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  1. Thanks guys, I knew about the restrictions on driving to camping events, and on driving other Scouts. I am a retired cop, and would never allow this in any case. I was just caught by surprise when my 17yoa son came home last night and told me the Scoutmaster told him he wasn't allowed to drive himself. This was not an issue with my older son, who is now 19yoa and serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster, as am I. The Scoutmaster hasn't changed, so I thought maybe the rules did. I'll discuss this with the Scoutmaster. Thanks Again
  2. Can a Scout who has a valid driver's license drive himself to a Troop meeting?
  3. Thank you for welcoming me to the forums, and for your input. To answer your several questions, the men are registered with the BSA, and members of the Troop Committee. The men seemed to have gone to the bar for a few "quick ones'; there was no mention of any food served other than the homemade salsa provided to them by the bartender, and they left camp after lunch and before dinner. They were not in uniform. When they returned, they were not overtly intoxicated or impaired. Those of us who remained at camp would have no reason to suspect that they had gone drinking, but for the fact that they
  4. We have had a problem with adult volunteers bringing alcohol on camping trips. The SM/ASM/TC Chairman spoke with these men,and seemed to resolve the problem. On a recent trip, however, two men left the campsite to pick up supplies and returned with stories about the great bar they had found. I am fairly certain that I know what has to be done here, but I am looking for a little guidance at the Troop level.
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