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  1. I guess I said she was female so no one would mistake her for my den's leader. I think dens are very different depending on who is the leader, and what is their gender and personality type. The dens led by men with lots of dads attending seem very different from the dens led by females with lots of mom participation. Even though they are following the same program. Maybe it's just that our den leader and most of the dads in our den work very long hours and barely have the time to squeeze in cub scout stuff. Not that I don't work long hours too. But the dens with lots of moms in them just
  2. You make some good points. I will definitely take a hard look at myself to see if I am not ready to let go. My son is 6 years old. One of the reasons I was considering going to the Wolf meetings was that at our last pack meeting, the female Tiger den leader begged parents to keep coming to Wolf den meetings next year. She said it was manageable now with Tigers only because all the parents are there, and can't imagine staying on track without a lot of parents attending the meetings. This lady is a schoolteacher, so she is used to handling lots of kids, but felt she needed help.
  3. BTW, this line made me feel a lot better: "First off, if youre doing Tiger Cubs and someone isnt being disruptive then youre doing it wrong." Another thing I wanted to add is that I hate when the parents provide cookies and juice or other sugary snacks in the middle of the meeting. You can just sit back and watch all the kids go BONKERS after that. It's too hard to say "no cookies" to my kids when all the other kids are eating them too. I haven't brought snacks because I am never included on the planning of the meetings. I barely even know when they will be. Usually I get a phon
  4. Thank you for your advice. Yes, I know my younger son is not part of the den and I would not expect them to spend any funds on supplies for him. I try to come to every meeting with activities/snacks/whatever to keep my younger son busy and quiet during the meeting. Sometimes he does stand next to his big brother and watch/mimic what he is doing. I do not allow him to do most of the Tiger Cub den activities unless it is something simple like going on a walk to collect leaves. He does not do much interacting with the other Tigers. But he does like to sit next to them. I am very quick to t
  5. We are new to cub scouting. My first grader is in Tiger Cubs. We also have a 3 year old son. My husband works nights, so the only way my older son can attend Tiger Cubs is if I take him. We have no family nearby, and I don't trust babysitters, so I bring my 3 yr old along too. I asked the cubmaster at the first meeting if that was OK, and he said the Tiger Cubs are for families, and my younger son is more than welcome. However we don't feel very welcome. When we attend den and pack meetings, my 3 yr old acts like your average 3 yr old and is slightly disruptive. I spend most of my
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