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    New SCOUTMASTER needs advice? :)

    Hey everybody, how're you all doing My Scout Service centre has helped me tremendously, and i've already put up some flyers in the primary school down the road from me, near the boys toilets, and near the Canteen. I've also put up a few at the local highschool for some of the older stronger boys I was photographing the young men for possible recruitment into the scout troop, as I found this was the best way to catalogue the types of boys in the area, and later I could go through the photos, and decide things such as if the boys were too old for my Scout troop, or how many flyers I would need to hand out in certain areas Again the local office also told me that a good way to get young boys into my scout group was word of mouth, So during my spare time in the day, i've been walking down to the primary school and having a talk with some of the young lads about joining up to the scout groups, seeing as the Teachers probably wouldn't appreciate this, i've kept my visits to the school under 5 minutes, and dressed as a teacher so they wouldn't ask any questions sincerely
  2. Scout_Teacher

    New SCOUTMASTER needs advice? :)

    Hey guys i've taken on the role as a Scout Master, due to my love of the outdoors, and young boys. I've read a fair few things online, and i'm pretty sure that I could get a good scout hall thing happening. I've arranged with my community group to hire my local hall, now all I need to do is find some strong young boys to join my scouts group. I usually park outside the local primary school, and i've taken photographs of a few lads I want in my scout hall... My question is this, how do I get them to join my scouts group? should I put up a poster at the local school? what did you guys do to get a good following at your group? Sincerely Scout Teacher (This message has been edited by a staff member.)