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  1. Actually it was quite informative. Thanks. Lynda J, Wish my boy and his friends had joined your troop.
  2. We're back. It was a good. The SM was friendly and made it a positive experience for me and the other women who showed up. This was a great relief. I'd been afraid he was going to make it as miserable a weekend as possible. Seems he's a better man than that. Good for him! That tells me something about his character. I got a chance to see the program and the men who administer it in action and had many questions answered. Though I still would prefer my boy to be in a troop that welcomed women, I am encouraged he'll learn valuable skills with this troop and it could be a positive exp
  3. Wow! Thank you for all the support and helpful advice. I checked out going to the CC, but discovered he is an elderly relative of the SM. I called the single mom and offered to share my tent. She had already gone out and gotten one, but was happy to talk a while. She is very frustrated. Like me, she had decided to go ahead and attend the campout and then make a decision. Unfortunately, her son, like mine, wants very nmuch to stay with all his buddies. My husband and I sat down and had a talk with my son. My husband told him that he wasn't "raising any children who didn't respect hal
  4. My son began as a Tiger and recently recvd his Arrow of Light. The man who led his den was a terrific leader, my son made good friends and had a wonderful experience with Cub Scouts. When it came time to select a Boy Scout Troop to join, his father and he attended, with his den, the meetings of several troops. Since all but one of the boys in his den went with a single troop, my son insisted on going to that troop as well. My husband was not very happy with that choice, but we allowed him to go with his friends. My husband's objection to the troop was that he felt they had an anti-
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