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  1. At a recent committee meeting our Committee Chair stated that he though the scouts should attend 60% of the camp outs in order to advance. I replied that "outings" shouldn't be strapped only to monthly camp outs. I would hope that each individual boy is considered when he is reviewed for his activities. Has he helped out with eagle projects, helped with the Church clean up, demonstrated helpfullness with the young ones...etc. Between Sep and Feb it seems the older boys fall out a little due to School activities. I do think that the boys should attend the camp outs don't get me wrong, that i
  2. I agree that the webelos are a vital aspect to the troop. Most of the adult leaders involved have no children in younger packs, the only one I can think of is the Chairman however their kids are former cub scouts. My husband's main goal at this point in time is to revitalize the boys' morale. I've had many parents tell me that their boys are on the verge of quitting, stale meetings etc. With a troop of over 50 members keeping them active and happy is a great task. We have about 8 fathers that come to every meeting. Some parents have commented on the fact that in the past they sit at the t
  3. Hi all. Our Coucil sponsored a Camporall this year. I am confused about this event. What is the bottom line for the event? It was my understanding that the boy scouts are invited by the webelos as "guests". And that the pack pretty much pays for the boy scouts' expenses. If anyone has any sites that explain this event please feel free to post them, I'm a bit confused. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all. As you know from previous posts, I am relatively new to scouting. I am a Committe Member. My husband was an asst scout master, however due to the SM getting injured on an outing, my husband is now the new SM. He was the only one to step up and volunteer for the position (thinking it would be temporary). HIs official position took place in June 2005. He got to work quickly as he had to have the boys create the calendar for the year, and get it approved by the Committee. The boys were great, they were thoughtful and THRILLED to have this task. (a task we've read SHOULD be theirs)
  5. Hi all, first let me inform you that I am fairly new to scouting. About a month ago I became a Committe Member. I have a few Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class BOR's under my belt. I've done much reading and preparation for my role in Boyscouts. I was recently asked if I could be a part of an Eagle BOR for this week. I have done some research, including searching this website. I am wondering if any one out there has some good questions. This rank is very sacred and respectable and I don't want to let the scout or the committee down. I think I'm overly stressing, but it really is important
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