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  1. scoutermitchell

    Waterproofing Tents

    Spoke with the guys at Eureka Tent store in Binghamton N.Y. They have advised us to use Thompsons water proofer thinned down with mineral spirits in a garden sprayer. They have a Paste for renewing the floor. They did not consider our use hard for their tents.Just have to treat the fabric to help them stay leak restistant.
  2. scoutermitchell

    Waterproofing Tents

    They are eureka equinox tents. Set up and staked down correctly. The seams are sealed yearly. They are 4 Years old. Our timberlines are over 10 years old. The new Tetragon 9 by Eureka were fine just as the timberlines were. As I said the rain just came through the rain flies and roofs(mesh) of course. The Material should not be worn out . Yes ,we camp 10-12 times per year . The tents are always set up and dried out if we come home wet.
  3. scoutermitchell

    Common traits of successful troops

    First Class First Year is how our Troop grows. It means you are active ,camping,going to District Events,and Council Events. This helps the scouts stay active and be able to do more.After First Class they can just be Active or they can START up the long trail to Eagle. This is their choice, just as Wood Badge is the adults choice. I use to be a BEAVER a good ol Beaver too!
  4. scoutermitchell

    Waterproofing Tents

    Our Troop just spent the weekend in Gettysburg. The weather was Thunder Storms with heavy rain . One of the Eagle scouts watched the rain drip through the tent despite the rain fly being in place. The seams never leaked. Those little cans of Water Proofing will not go very far.