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  1. Most troops play this one by ear, however, I was doing training at our local "Show and Do" program,(this is like the Pow Wow only on the Scout level) and we were discussing "rules" as they pretain to the Troop. I told the group that a Troop Constitution developes when boys and parents take advantage of the program. This "give and take" session discussed the definition of "Active" and put legal verbage to the word. After the Constitution was formalized, it was passed out to all the parents and new parents were given a copy and sat down with the Committee Chairman for a frank discussion upon entering the troop. Your Constitution can include rules for parent participation, money issues, uniforming requirements, and behavior in the troop. But until you put things in writing, it will never hold water with the violators.
  2. Most Districts have events for Boy Scouts, Camporees, Klondikes, Etc... What kind of district events would Cub Packs like, other than a district Pinewood Derby?
  3. I have been in the Commissioning business since 1961 and I can tell you that this is the greatest challenge of any Scoutmaster. There are boys who limp along the advancement trail like snales and those who memick rabbits. When I was a Scoutmaster, I told my sick new troop that the goal for every boy was the eagle (hopefully). That brought the parents on board in this small town. They wanted something for their children to achieve. Now back in 1968 the requirements were a bit different. The big hurtle was morris code and swimming. Nothing hampers a young boy like the code. We had to have code machines, proper instructors (I was a navy radioman) and time, time, time. Today, there are no built in brakes for the young scouts. Somewhere inside the troop you are going to have to require things like "Den Chief" duty, JLT troop and Council fulfilment requirements, and Patrol Leader, Instructor, or some other duty to slow these kids down. Make it interesting though. Get your parents on board by Involving them in the "plot" or as BP would put it "The Scheme" in developing their leadership skills before the Eagle Ceremony>
  4. Your kids are not out of touch with most kids in America. What adults need to remember is that this is a problem Scouting has delt with for a long time. When kids stay in Scouting it is because the program of the local Scout troop is going places that are "neat" or "cool". The other thing that helps is when the local program (Church sponsor etc) develops a venture program that the younger kids cannot join until they are 14 or 15. When the younger Scouts see where these Scouts are going, and on a regular basis (places like Charles Sommer canoe base, Philmont, and the Sea Base) they stay around so they can join when they reach the desired age. Use the older boy program to hold the younger scouts. You might even put a rank (such as Star or Life) as a requirement, but you might let the older Scouts decide what the joining requirements should be. Remember that the exciting program is the key to building Scout Spirit..
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