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  1. The snazzier the better, and as long as I can wear my beret. More seriously: I don't know if it's *because* the ODL uniform was not utilitarian, but we never wore our uniform beyond meetings, ceremonies, and travel in the when I was a scout in the 90s anyway, and the boys still don't. So, while I hated the plastic ODL shirts for their sweat-inducement, I loved the cotton ODL shirts for their look. The Centennial uniform is fine by me so far, excepting the pants; I'd do away with convertibles (the length of the shorts form is obscene.) -Return to a straight pant. I don't like carg
  2. ScoutNut, first, I don't see why you'd get into caps-lock range excitement over someone saying they'll encourage more training. But, to answer your question, let me go over it for the 5th time: The adults that are speaking to me about their discontent don't know what to do. We've voiced our concerns, had meetings, developed plans WITH THE INCLUSION AND AGREEMENT OF THE SM IN QUESTION who then turns around and does the complete opposite for over a year. These include the CC, the Adv Chair, ASMs, parents. The CoR is not interested in the troop beyond a means for more square knots. Now I'v
  3. Well, I just wrote a nice reply, hit submit, and typo'ed my password and lost it, so here's the rundown version: Thanks for the concerned, voice-of-experience advice most of you have given. I will start encouraging more training with our adults (most are trained to standard already but there's always more to be had), get ASMs that are doing Committee jobs (for example I'm an ASM working as Program Coordinator) re-registered into Committee, and simply keep doing what I can to get the SM to let go of things he's messign up, and hold on to things he's doing right. I don't dislike him at a
  4. John, OldGreyEagle, et al. It got lost in the shuffle above, but the CC was one of the first people to come to me with problems. He's got more training and scouting experience than the SM. If th eSM quits of his own accord tomorrow, then the CC would likely be the new SM. The current CoR has no prior history with the troop and replaced the last CoR when he died after over 35 years of service. Point being, I'm not "stirring the pot." I'm not saying to people in the troop "hey, the SM is horrible, let's fire him." I'm here because people are getting more and more upset, but no one
  5. Sorry for the absence, my connection is up and down, I'll cherry-pick from the many replies. A lot of you have taken the stance that this is drastic and I should not "jump" into it. As I noted with lots of time rerferences, this has been a problem for some years, we have included the SM in every discussion we've had on matters of concern, and there is no secret conspiracy to replace him with myself as a new charismatic strongman replacing him. I did not start any complaining--I began trying to act on complaints that came across me--now that all diplomatic efforts have been ignored, I si
  6. I forgot a doozy: Last yera at camp a scout asked me who I thought the next SM would be. I said I had no idea, maybe Mr So-and-so, but I had no idea when the current SM would resign so who knew who else might come along between now and then. One of the current SMs sons overheard us and said "2 years." I asked him 2 years what? And he said "2 years until my dad resigns, that's what he told me." I asked what happened in 2 years and he replied "Me and my brother will both be Eagle by then." Thanks resqman and John for the prompt replies. "It's called the Chartered Organization Repr
  7. I've spent that last year thinking about standing up and ousting our current Scoutmaster, and the last hour Googling how to actually do it. The only result even close to what I was looking for, nestled among "how to start a fire" was this post from 5 years ago: ". . . Is it only me, or does anyone else notice that every week someone stops by all dissatisfied shopping for ammunition to oust a Scoutmaster . . ." Well, here I am, this week's ammo shopper. Where I'm coming from: I'm a 25-year-old ASM/"Uniform Czar"/Unofficial Program Coord. (we haven't got a real committee anymore) for
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