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  1. I have been recruited as a unit commissioner. I have agreed, but feel that I might not be very helpful for a while, since my last involvement with scouts was 25 years ago as a boy scout. Never seen the adult or leadership side before. So, I am reading everything I can, have attended basic training and will attend commissioner conference this week. I wanted to give back to scouting as it gave so much to me as a boy. Also, my son will be in the Cub Scouts hopefully in about 3 years. Some friends who have been active in scouting for several years thinks this would be a good role. Involved, but not overwhelmed and maybe some of my business knowledge could help. My council commissioner said he followed somewhat the same path and it was 6 months before he felt comfortable. Question: Have I been set up for failure or can I really be useful without being involved in scouts lately? Any suggestions for a newbie to the position and also not devote so much time that my wife divorces me. Thanks, Sam
  2. Thanks for all the answers, advice and opinions. I will try to stay true to the uniform, but those red wool jac-shirts sure will be scratchy without a long sleeve undershirt. Money is an issue, so I probably won't buy a second shirt, ie. long sleeve. Some may snarl, but they'll just have too. At least I bought the ugly pants.
  3. Is long sleeve t-shirts/sweatshirts allowed to be worn under short sleeve uniform shirts? I see many who do this so the shirt can be worn year round. Thanks, been out of scouting for long time and haven't read the books yet. Sam
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