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  1. Thank you all for the ideas and guidelines, they are helpful. I'm still a little unclear in the service-to-my-church area: specifically, if the scout is teaching a Sunday school class, or if his own Sunday school class is serving Communion, or carrolling, or babysitting for a Church supper, or writing letters to overseas servicemen, etc. These are tough ones for me because I was given to understand that serving as an acolyte does not count as service time, and I'm not sure where the line is drawn. Again, I would appreciate any help you might offer. Thanks
  2. I just inherited the honor of tracking our scout's service hours, and I'm having a very hard time of determining exactly what constitutes valid service hours, especially for the non-Eagle projects. In particular, service to the scout's church is an area of confusion. Can anyone point me to a good resource? Thanks
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