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  1. It was a real mistake posting on this board. I have received two replies and both very unfriendly. When I was in the scouts, I was taught to be friendly, courteous, and kind. I guess you folks don't get that today. A patch like mine just sold on E-bay for $550.00. I thought there might be someone out there that had a ranch, that might be a collector. I wasn't asking anyone to buy me a hunt... Don't bother to reply again. I'll never read it because I won't be back.
  2. Serious collectors, here is an opportunity for you... I own a very rare Philturn PT-2 camp patch in pristine condition. This patch is in mint condition and was given to me in 1972 by the original owner. It was still in the original wax paper sleve that it was in when he picked it up at Philturn in 1940 as a Boy Scout. I have kept it in my safety deposit box all this time. I am looking for a big game trophy hunt in the fall of 2004 in exchange for the patch. If you have an interest please reply.
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