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  1. Hi people. I am a venture scout from Brazil and I am willing to trade badges. Please e-mail me at scoutbadgestrading@yahoo.com.br I can send you Brazilian items. In exchange I would like to get some CSP I already have the Chicago Area (IL) CSP, Rip Van Winkle (NY), National Capitol Area (MD), Four Lakes (WI), Bay Lakes (WI), Milwaukee County(WI), Okaw Valley (IL) and Southeast Wisconsin (WI) Yours in Scouting Cssio
  2. Hi I ama Brazilian Venture Scout looking to trade patches I am willing to get some CSP from Maine and from North and South Dakota. I can send you Brazilian badges in exchange I also accept other CSP for trade. e-mail me and let's trade !!!!!! Yours in Scouting Cssio scoutbadgestrading@yahoo.com.br
  3. Hi ! I am a scoiut from Brazil. I can send you almost any Brazilian badge. I have the Liechtenstein and the U.K. badge already, but I am sure that we can find oher interesting badges to trade. I would like to recieve promisse/membership badges. ANYONE interested, e-mail me @ risingorion@vampirethemasquerade.com Or check this site www.scoutbadgestrading.cjb.net SEMPRE ALERTA Orion
  4. I am a Scout From Brazil and I am interested on trading patches/badges from the world.e-mail me !!!!!!! check this site : www.scoutbadgestrading.cjb.net
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