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  1. When our old charter decided not to renew we became a prents of. The cubmaster asked another parent to be CC in the intrim. Other parents volunteered to fill the remaining committee postions again as a way to keep the pack going. The CM in question, having the most knowledge of the group was very instramental in getting and fillining out the recharter docs. A sub committee was formed to write new s.o.p.'s. She has fought this sub committee the whole time. and they have never been completed. At the insistence of some of the DL's nominations were made and voted on by the parents (weak turnout on the vote) and the new committee was elected. Basically those who volunteered were legitimized by the vote. The CM however decided that she would remain the CM. In the last several months she has been making snide comments to other leaders and committee members, and one of our best leaders is now contemplating leaving because of the CM actions. The CM acts as if she is the top dog in the pen and is alienating a large contingent of the leadership. I have asked the CC to set ameeting between the 3 of us. (CM/IH, CC, and myself COR but he has not responded. (remember he was hand picked by the CM and they are both ADL's in the same den) I personally do not feel that she is exhibiting the type of values we are trying to teach the kids. Strong arm leadership, rudeness, poor uniform maintenance, and a my way or the highway attitude. I have spoken with the District and did not receive any real direction other than to warn me of the tension that would be created by "a failed coup attempt". I have a ACM, awrards chair, outdoor activity chair, and myself(COR) who have clearly stated that she should step down as CM. But how do we make her step down if she is the IH? I would like to retain her as IH (for her experience) but as for program delivery and harmony of the leadership there needs to be several layers of buffers between her and the DL's. I think that gives you more info to help me find a resolution Hopefully.
  2. We are a "parents of" charter org. We have A cubmaster who is out of control. Badmouthing other den leaders and committee members. My problem is that this person is also listed as IH and CM. our current flow chart is IH>COR>CC>Committee>CM>ACM>ACM>DL's This person has designated themself as the owner of the pack and has been verbally abusing othr leaders. I am the COR as elected by the "parents of" and am being asked to remove this CM. What do I do, when you consider that this person is also listed as IH. (She did this during our last recharter without the knowledge of the rest of the committee)She is also an ADL in the same den as the CC. Any ideas will help.
  3. If they are so concerned with not mixing red with green, Then why do the new sHirts have "BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA" in red on the chest?!? WHOOPS!!!!! Rick
  4. I just had to add my 2 cents. I was a proud scout in the mid 70's. My uniform had the Flag patch on it. I was proud to wear it not just as a symbol of patriotism but because my dad wore one on his uniform (Firefighter) he was also a vietnam veteran. (Airforce). I am now a Firefighter and wear a flag pin on my shirt. My basebal hat comes with a small flag on it as does my sweatshirt. I have an american flag on the back of my helmet. I wear these flags proudly not just to show my patriotism but to show support for those around the world that are protecting my freedom from threat both foriegn and domestic. My Brotherinlaw being one of them. So I feel it is important for the scouts to wear the flag and be made aware of its importance beyond the generic patriotism. A more important question should be why the flag on a BSA uniform is being flow the wrong way.please read the following. What is the proper way to wear a flag patch on one's shoulder sleeve? Left Flag Right or "reversed field" flag General David Petraeus To wear our country's flag properly, the field of stars is worn closest to your heart. Further, when worn on the sleeve of a military uniform, the flag should appear to be advancing and not retreating. Thus, if your patch is to be worn on your LEFT sleeve, use a left flag (normal). For patches worn on your RIGHT sleeve, use a "right" or "reversed field" flag. Since the Flag Rules do not specifically address the positioning of the patch, a decision is left to the discretion of the organization prescribing the wear. Some elect to use the "left" flag on both sleeves. [Note: many states and cities have ordinances pertaining to the use of the flag; you may wish to contact the Attorney General of your state or the City Attorney's office regarding this matter.] If you are planning to wear only one patch, it is recommended that you wear a "left" flag on your left sleeve. Military guidelines specify that in support of joint or multi-national operations (as in Iraq), the "right" flag is worn on the right sleeve (see picture), 1/4" below the shoulder seam or 1/8" below any required unit patches. (Class A uniform excepted.)
  5. From our council direction,CNYScouter is right on the money as for placement. our pack is a 30 year vetran pack so we needed the same direction. Although after following the above advice it seems that the Qaulity control department took the day off when "building" bot my adult shirt and my sons youth shirt. i.e. pockets off center and crooked and such. Rick
  6. Hello all, Just to throw more logs on the fire.... Does anybody else wonder why after making such a big deal about green/tan, the BSA still went with the "Boy Scouts Of America" in red on the new shirts? Why no make it green also? Just food for thought. Our boys are becoming first year Webelos, In june our scout store was doing a 2 for 1 deal on the first generation green switchback pants. everybody paired up and got their pants then at discounted price. now that the new shirts are out we are buying the new stlye shirt but staying with the red pack numbers as directed by our council. We are afterall still technically cub scouts. The leaders of our den have been approached to start a new BS Troop when we bridge over to scouts. at that time we will go to the tan/gren numbers Rick
  7. Hello all, Just to throw more logs on the fire.... Does anybody else wonder why after making such a big deal about green/tan, the BSA still went with the "Boy Scouts Of America" in red on the new shirts? Why no make it green also? Just food for thought. Rick
  8. I started a similar thread here........ http://expressionsembroidery.net/index
  9. Riptyd

    RED Jackets

    This is the jacket I was planing to use for a leader jacket http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/department/sale/sale2/sale_mens/75204.aspx?feature=Product_46
  10. As a firefighter/EMT and den leader I am starting my BEARS on the american red cross Basic AID Training (BAT) workbook which is designed for kids ages 8-10 years. The workbooks were $2.00 each and the instructor manual was $7.00. as the kids get older either 2nd year Weblos or first year boy scout we will sponser an American red cross first aid class and CPR. this can be followed up with the 2 year recert classes for FA and CPR. Meeting the national standard for first aid should be nothing but the minimum for well prepared responsible scouts.
  11. Riptyd

    RED Jackets

    Recently a large contingent of our pack went camping. night time temps were in the mid 40's and everyone had a great time. During one of the campfires a discussion about cold weather gear came up. Other than the red wool shirt jac there is no approved cold weather shirt. We would like to purchase red polarfleece jackets and put our council and pack number patches on it so we can still be identified as scout leaders and not freeze. It seems silly to wear a complete class "A" uniform and then cover it up with all the various ski type jackets we owned. Is the anything prventing us from puting a council shoulder patch or pack number on any type of red jacket? Thanks for the input.
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