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  1. I use one of those for my own gear at summer camp or when I'm car camping. They are nice containers and waterproof. Our guys really liked the idea of having the boxes made on the more traditional approach. Since the stoves we use for car camping are a hodge podge of sizes, we opted to not put them in the patrol boxes and instead we store them separately. It make the boxes less huge and this helps us in loading them into the vehicles. We use our individually owned backpacking stoves for our backpack trips. Now the scouts want to paint a game board on the top of each box such as checke
  2. I've been reading the comments regarding patrol boxes and find the discussion very interesting. Our troop recently decided to try the patrol box idea instead of the plastic containers that we had been using for so long. The problem as I see it with the plastic containers is the top loading feature. They frequently become a catch all for junk that really shouldn't be in there and they offer no compartments to help organize gear. They are also not strong enough to stack in the limited space where we keep out equipment. When I was a scout back in the dawn of time, my troop had patrol boxes p
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