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  1. You can find one in my web page. Here are my web address. hornerm.tripod.com look at bottom of screen and select "CPS Trading" It list all District old and new number. Let me know if this what you looking for. Good Luck
  2. Our Council plan a calendar for 18 months, not just 12 months, so that District can plan accordingly (12 months). I have know that our Council have know most of the activity which are not related to Scout activity. 'Scouting for Food' held the same weekend on Merit Badge Camporee in District area. Merit Badge Camporee spodser by state wide church. Our Troop have take most of the camping many differ area. We don't go much with Council activity except Summer Camp. Council set their own rules and do not pay attend with other non-council activity. Most of the Council boys activity h
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