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  1. I am woodbadge trained with a scoumaster father, and have several friends and mentors who are commissioners who can help. I was asked by an assistant district commissioner. I also have been an unofficial member of the district committee because of age.

  2. I was approached at today and asked if I had ever thought about being a unit commissioner. I responded that I am not old enough since I am only 18, the scouter responded that he did not think it had a 21 age requirment but would get back to me. Upon further research I cannot find a age requirment for a unit commissioner. does anyone know the answer?

  3. I recently turned 18, and was approached by the district activities chair to help plan and run the district camporees. Does this make me part of the district activities committee? Am I elligable to wear the position patch for the district committee?

  4. I have a job at my councils camp as staff. Our staff is a venture crew. I see many of the adults who are council volunteers wearing their insignia on both venture uniforms and boyscout uniforms. Can I wear my camp staff insignia on a boyscout shirt?

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