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  1. I was wondering if the hosting here supports FrontPage extensions. Also, what other extensions do you support? Our troop has a site with you, but I have used straight HTML to work on it. I had set up one for our Cub Pack, but have had to give it to someone else to work on, and they use FrontPage. Thanks
  2. I appreciate all your answers. Our Chartering Organization is one in name only. They take absolutely no active role in our troop. I guess what I'm looking for is if there is any "official" guidelines written down by the National Boy Scout Organization. I have been unable to find anything in writing anywhere.
  3. I am a committee member of a fairly new Boy Scout Troop. We are trying to get some clarification on who exactly is supposed to choose the Committee Chairman. I know that all committee members must be approved by the Chartering Organization, but who is responsible for deciding whose name to submit to the CO for approval?
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