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  1. I was wondering if the hosting here supports FrontPage extensions. Also, what other extensions do you support? Our troop has a site with you, but I have used straight HTML to work on it. I had set up one for our Cub Pack, but have had to give it to someone else to work on, and they use FrontPage. Thanks
  2. rainbodove

    Who chooses the Committee Chairman?

    I appreciate all your answers. Our Chartering Organization is one in name only. They take absolutely no active role in our troop. I guess what I'm looking for is if there is any "official" guidelines written down by the National Boy Scout Organization. I have been unable to find anything in writing anywhere.
  3. I am a committee member of a fairly new Boy Scout Troop. We are trying to get some clarification on who exactly is supposed to choose the Committee Chairman. I know that all committee members must be approved by the Chartering Organization, but who is responsible for deciding whose name to submit to the CO for approval?