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  1. Thank you for the advice But as far as the getting of new volunteers, should it be the COR's that get most of them. They know the people in their organizations. They know who was too busy last year but is now not so busy. Former SM or ASM that did a great job but a weekly commitment is more than they want to give, but a quarterly or a yearly commitment to a district event would fit them well. Who's job is it to ask the COR's for names of possible Volunteers?
  2. Thank you for the lively discussion I think that of all the people at the council the DE is the one that is working best in my area it is the rest of the council staff that I would like to know how they can help my district event. The scout shop and the tour permit and advancement parts I know. But what about the rest of the staff. Are there trainers that I can call to help when my district trainning staff is under staffed. or are there trainers to train the trainers. Is there an activities commitee person I can call. Is there a camporee expert I can get advice on how to make our district camporees be great. What resources does the council provide to a new district (1.5 year old) get on it's feet. Does the DE have to do it all?
  3. Thank you commandopro I knew they did something else In our district we have about 30-50 volunteers depending on where you count the ones that only work one activity or not So what can I do to inprove relations with the council
  4. I thought of a few other things that he council does manage a web site that is updated about once a year manage council camps (about six or seven of them for 4 week a year for all but one of them) sit in meetings
  5. perhaps BSA is becoming top heavy I was asked by my district to run the winter camp klondike, I then asked our DE what resources the council had to help me. (none) not even a how to run a winter camp guide (which I found online) so I would like to ask the council people who read this form what services does the council give the district other than loosing our paperwork, and running a store for awards, and books. So that in the future I can ask my council to provide them for our next district event.
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