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  1. Thank you all for all your advice. Our pack chair is in the process of writing a letter to the Distric Exec now. We will have to wait and see what comes down from there. We do have an excellent core group and work very well together. I just hate seeing all the effort going into this situation rather than where it should be - on making sure our boys are having a great experience.
  2. Yes there are other quite a few packs in the area. Unfortunately this family seems intent on ours. It is hard to describe the situation with out going into all the "gory details" but it involves some inapropriate behaviour by the parents as well as unfounded accusations made by the parents. There were also many issues of contention over planning, money collection, etc that when sorted out all centered around these parents. As I said earlier, I am new to leadership in scouting and find it difficult to bellieve that there is not a code, rules of conduct, etc to protect packs in situa
  3. I'm sorry I misspoke in the original post. It was the district exec who advised us at first to ask this family to leave then recently informed us that we would have to bring the cub scout back into the pack. While I agree it is not a good thing to deny this boy the chance to be a scout, most of the key leadership in our pack will resign and leave if they have to deal with his parents. Things were said and done that may be forgiven (with difficulty) but not forgotten. It is like being run over by a truck, you can forgive the driver, but will not put yourself in his way again. There
  4. I have a question regarding some problems in our pack. Recently a family was asked to leave the pack because of numerous conflicts with the parents (who were also leaders) and nearly the entire remainder of the leaders in the pack. There were also rumors and other accusations started by these parents. Once everyone got together and discussed it became obvious that we were being manipulated by this one couple. It had gotten to the point that 3/4 of the leaders in the pack were willing to leave the pack if not scouting all together it needed to avoid this couple. We held a meeting with our
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