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  1. Pack802

    Scouter - Back In Business!

    Ditto. Can't login to update our website. After login-ID & password...flashes back to login-screen. Please help.
  2. Pack802

    Scouter - Back In Business!

    Try it NOW! We can once again update the files in our site. I've been checking on almost a daily basis. It didn't work yesterday but it works today! Phew!!!
  3. Pack802

    Scouter - Back In Business!

    I have several active sites I've maintained for years (Pack, Troop, district training team, and district Webelos leaders). All have been out of business for past 3 weeks. I am unable to upload new pages; get a server error. The sites that existed in 2008 show my 2008 files--not my latest files and I can't upload current files.