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  1. I was a Tiger parent last year, and I have no prior scouting experience. At the end of last year the Cub Master decided to call it quits and left. No one stepped up to take his place, so now I am a new Cub Master. Prior to volunteering for the position, I knew there were some problems between the Pack and the Charter orginazation. I had no idea how bad it was until I became directly involved. Other than a place to have Den meetings (pack meetings are at the school)there is no involement between the church and the Pack. At times it appears the church does not even want the pack to be there. Last month we had our Father son cake bake, a local business was wanting to donate $500 wourth of prizes to be given as rewards, but they needed a tax number. The church refused to give the tax number. At the begining of the year I had to argue with them because they wanted a security deposit for the den space. The reason I was told that 10 years ago two Tiger scouts tossing pebbles and one of the pebbles came close to a window. When I refused to give a security deposit, it took them nearly two months to decide if they wanted to continue to have us there. This is just a few of the ridiculous immature things I have been confronted with over the past few months. I have been thinking of finding a new charter orginazation but I don't know what I should expect from one, or should I be happy with a place to meet. There is no committee and I do not believe our DE really even cares. I guess my question is....What should I expect from a charter orginazation?(This message has been edited by Pack 180)
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