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  1. We did advise the CC that we could have a Fund raiser for the boys to raise the 25.00 instead of just paying the fee. It was then brought up that we should not charge the boys the 25.00 and just have a fund raiser. What about the boys who do not help? If the same 30 boys due all the work but everyone uses the equipment is that fair? That is why we would charge each boy the 25 and if they wanted to work it off they had the option. This would help the family's who could not afford to take the money out of there pockets. It seems that the majority is against the CC veto. But is there any such paper work stating in BSA that he does not have this Power? I am looking for something in writing so we can all be on the same page.
  2. WOW, did not mean to stir up a hornets nest. Our troop has one fund raiser a year, Popcorn which we get.33 percent of each boys 200.00 sale so for ROI the troop gets 66.00 dollars per boy x 70 = 4620.00. Our budget on average consists of charter renewal, patches, two parents nights, NYLT for 2, and other common troop cost. The gear we have is old and as everyone knows, breaks on a regular basis. The added 25.00 was stated to only pay for gear and not "other" troop cost. This money would be for tents, trailer repair, stoves, etc. The idea of REPAIR and finding someone to due this would be a full time job. Is is worth repairing a 5 year old tent that has over 125 days of camping? I thank everyone for there input and it seems most think the way I do. The CC can not override a veto, only the COR. With this info, I have a better plan on how to move forward and deal with this. Thanks BSA Volunteers
  3. Thanks for all the info. What it was is the comm voted on a 25.00 per year gear fee to help pay for tents and such. Later that week the CC advised me he is not happy with the vote and will not honor it. He stated that due to the economy, some families can not afford it. We offered to have a fund raiser so the boys can earn this but still, no Luck
  4. Can the committee chair of a boyscout troop veto a vote made by the committee because he/she does not like the out come of the vote?
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