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    Why do leaders quit?

    Thanks to everyone who has posted thus far!!! I too have been a den leader for several years and in the past two years I have seen my pack begin to dwindle and weaken. I see leaders leaving mid-way through the year and the leaders who are left being burdened with a den of 12-14 to take over a den for a leader who gave up. That's not good for the leaders or for the scouts. I would really like to find ways to help support the leaders - especially the young ones (first year'ers). I think if leaders were given a dedicated person they could go to for help of all kinds (from resource to planning suggestions to maybe even filling in for a meeting from time to time) they wouldn't be so inclined to quit when they get overwhelmed and can't find their way in the dark. Someone who is a dedicated member of the pack who JUST manages Leader Relations. I remember being a first year leader and having all kinds of "resources" thrown at me with no explanation of what they were used for or why. All I got was "look at this or look at that or go to this website". Well, that's great, but when you have no idea how to structure a successful meeting, what good does it do to drown in "resources"? I really want to make scouting a positive experience for my scouts AND the volunteers who lead our children. It takes strong leaders to make a strong pack go. Thanks to everyone for you input and please keep it coming. I appreciate your sincere thoughts and feelings more than you could possibly imagine. Y.I.S
  2. I am working on creating a proposal to our Cubmaster to address the high turnover rate of leaders in our pack. I would like a REAL picture of WHY DL's quit (or never show up to begin with). Please share your experiences with losing leaders, the impact on the dens and any suggestions you can provide that might help us retain leaders - because without good leaders, we can't have a strong pack. I am also looking for statistical data on leader turnover and consequently scout loss through the ranks. Thanks so much for any insight or feedback you can provide. Y.I.S.