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  1. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my recent message post. Keep those replies coming. I just ran across another camp that looks interesting. Does anyone have any experience with Skymont Scout Reservation in Tennessee? Thanks!!
  2. Our Troop is considering these two facilities for summer camp in 2003. Would appreciate any feedback - good and bad on these locations. We are located near Memphis, TN and like to go to higher elevations to get a break from the heat, mosquitos & ticks... We usually take 25 Scouts and 6 adult leaders to summer camp each year. We need to find a camp that has a good balance of activities for all ages. We usually have at least 5 new Scouts that need the basics and about 10 Scouts that are Star rank or higher who don't need merit badges and love to participate in COPE or Extreme Venture Base activities. The remainder of our group needs to earn merit badges. The key word here is "earn." We have been to some camps where the badge counselors were poor and pretty much gave away the badges without teaching the skills. Obviously we want our summer camp to have well maintained facilities and good food. Don't want any mommas upset because Junior didn't get enought to eat. Thanks for your help. Yours in Scouting, John Gibson
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