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  1. "What the heck were they thinking???" Good question. It would be interesting to hear from some SAR people, along with mountaineers and mountain rescue team members. I logged onto one mountain climbing site, but the language was a bit too salty even for this old roughneck. I'd like to hear what the people who are called upon to perform these rescues have to say about it all. Incidentally for resqman... My wife sez to tell you thanks for NOTHING. She was hoping for something a bit more romantic in her Christmas stocking than the cool PLB I tracked down from your equipped.com link. I
  2. Anyone know these people? Bet ya do... (takes a few seconds for the video to start. You need your speaker on) http://jacrex1.multiply.com/video/item/10
  3. "Welcome to the campfire!!! Please feel free to pull up a log, have a seat and a cup of joe." Thanks. Don't mind if I do. The troubling aspect of the Kim story is that he probably did everything he knew how to do in order to survive and protect his family, but it wasn't enough to save him. Fortunately his wife and children are alive. As you point out, there were bad choices made. As a mountaineering friend (and SM)of mine told me when I asked why he had no interest in climbing Everest..."You can do everything exactly right and Everest will still kill you." Not that James Kim di
  4. After the tragedy that took the life of Mr. James Kim in Oregon I've been following many of the blogs and articles that have been written offering both criticism of his actions and advice on how to avoid the same fate. I'd like to encourage Scouters to offer their expertise and training in matters of wilderness survival and emergency preparedness whenever the opportunity arises. The number of ill-informed and newly minted experts in these areas is stunning. Everyone suddenly seems to have acquired years of experience in how to survive such a situation, and are falling all over themselves
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