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  1. Sorry in the last reply I wrote that the commissioner is going to talk to the cub master and the comm. chairman. I am the cub master. He is going to talk to the Scout master! Sorry for the mistake. Thanks everyone I will keep you posted
  2. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. I have decided that I would wait until after we have our Blue & Gold banquet-one of the leaders at the camp out is our Pack's Comm. chairman! I have found out that YES they were gambling. I did talk to our Pack and troop's commissioner. He is going to bring up the subject to the Cub Master and the Comm. chairman. But he felt that waiting 1 more week would make this Celebration better for the boys. I am hoping our commissioner will be able to let them see how it is not really following all the scout laws when they gamble. As far as the drinkin
  3. I am writing because my son told me this week that the leaders on the last camping trip were playing cards. I did not think much about it due to the fact we play cards all the time with our sons. (Rummy) Then he told me he thought they may have been drinking due to the fact there were Crown Royal bags on the table. I then asked what card game were they playing? He told me poker. I thought then the bags were for the poker chips and I said this to him. He then tells me that they play for real money not poker chips. I do not know what to do about this. I do not think I want my son who is
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