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  1. Is it a requirement that the Scoutmaster be present during the actual Eagle Project work days?
  2. Finding someone to enhance the director's understanding of what an Eagle project is seems to be a worthy way to go. Everyone would win. I will see if I can find an Eagle or active adult scout on the staff or board at the science museum. Possibly they could be of assistance. Thanks again!
  3. Wow! I really appreciate all of the responses. To answer some questions that have arrisen. Originally the director had assigned my son to work with another astronomer on staff. They developed the project and got it approved. After the approval is when the director started getting back into the mix and changing the plan. The original assistant, who agrees with the plan as written, has taken a back seat. His comment,"this is one of the reasons these projects never get done" My son did a great job of aquiring donations in the form of materials and a small amount of cash for the project.
  4. My son has an approved Eagle Project for a local science museum. His project is the rebuilding and modification of 3 Dobsonian telescopes that are used in an education program. He has had most of the required materials donated and is ready to start on the project. However, the director of the program now has decided that the plan needs to be modified to include upgrading the telescopes. This requires that the director generate purchase orders for the needed parts. For two months now the director has made excuses as to why the parts have not been ordered, and he is only asking for funds on
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