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  1. We have had a horrible time trying to get our son into a Cub Scout Pack. Have been trying for over 2 months... First, our local council referred us to a non-existent pack... congrats, my husband was registered as CubMaster & I was Committee Chair - our son was the ONLY Cub Scout. OK, so that was not going to work... Local Council Rep was dodging our calls - had to show up and ambush him at lunchtime outside the Council office to get answers. Phone interviewed several CM's. Found a pack that sounded great over the phone. Husband & I both completed full online training & registered as volunteers. We are excited & ready to be involved. The pack leadership could not care less. Our offers to be ADL were rebuffed. There is NO ADL in any of the dens (I don't think). The pack meetings are DREARY. HORRID. AWFUL. or, as my son puts it "really bording" My husband offered to write, print, produce a weekly pack newsletter. No response. {we are both in advertising/marketing. would have been a great newsletter for the pack } We went to a council camping event - and our pack did not even camp together. Our den did NOTHING together. We are SO disappointed. We joined Cub Scouts to allow our son to meet & socialize with other boys. He has Asperger's, and it is not easy for him to make friends. We felt that Scouting, and all of the individual achievements and sharing with peers would be a great fit for our son. He finished his Bobcat badge over a month ago... has yet to be recorded in our pack. He has also completed 3 beltloops. Again, not even recorded. I am at a loss. I thought I had chosen a pack that would be a good fit. How can I find a pack that is active, fun & interested in our involvement? Please don't suggest the Council. They are less than worthless. Don't return messages, and make promises that they never intend to keep. The council could not even provide an accurate schedule of local pack meetings. I can't ask my son's friends. He has none. That's why we so DESPERATELY want to join Scouting.
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