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  1. oldgreyeagle spoken in the true spirit of scouting. Thanks
  2. Scotteng and orennoah, Thanks for the suggestions. Dizzy on a cliff, Thanks for that suggestion, may try that. To all who wonder why we use aluminum, first they weigh less then Cast Iron, better for canoe trips. For the boys they are easier to take care of as they can use soap and water or sos pads instead of boiling off backed on food. I know you ask if they are easier to take care of then why was I assking this question in the first place. The three primary leaders were all out of country for 15 monthes and have come home to a troop which is still together but a little rough around
  3. Need help finding the best way to clean aluminum dutch ovens that are old and have been abused. These have been cleaned enough to use and be sanitary but never back to spotless. I have used sos pads(fingers are now raw) and have made great progress but there is still black stuff in the pits and under the rim from boiled over stew from many years ago. Is there a chemical or cleaner that can be used? Oven Cleaner says dont use on aluminum. Any thoughts? maybe a power washer? Thanks
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