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  1. Bob and "Fat", Thanks for the replies. I guess a little more description is in order.... Fat, right now, we have two Webelos I patrols - one with 17 boys and two leaders, and the other with 15 boys and two leaders. We realistically need to create two more patrols for Web I. Doubling up leaders to take the slack off the leadership responsibilities is paramount here at Yongsan. While I'm a civilian here, a lot of people are military and go TDY (short trips with work) a lot. Having two leaders keeps the dens moving if one leader is out for a short period of time. Everyone, inc
  2. I'm a Cubmaster with Pack 89, Korea District, Far East Council. Our pack went from 56 boys last year to 111 boys this year. (All packs should be so blessed.) Our problem is that we have a lack of leadership for our Webelos patrols, and with two months down on our Scout year, we've exhausted our possibilities for leadership, and will have to turn boys away to other packs in the area, or turn them away completely. Several parents of the Webelos have expressed their dissatisfaction at our decision to turn boys away (but of course quiet down immediately when it is suggested that they b
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