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  1. What we do in our pack is to swap out the necker and slide at the last pack meeting of the year. We are upfront about this when boys register that we provide the initial necker and slide, and then at the end of the year we will do a necker and slide swap if they have one. No wolf slide, then they get no bear slide, no wolf necker then no bear necker. This way we are only, as a pack, spending funds once per boy. We have the amount for the first necker and slide built into our initial registration fee for new boys.

  2. From BSA.org


    "A pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activitiesone each in June, July, and August. This award can be an incentive for greater attendance at your summer pack activities.

    Qualifying packs receive a colorful streamer for their pack flag.


    Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events will be eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon.


    Boys who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform."


    The 50% only applies to the Dens, any boy that has attended an event every month can get their individual recognition.




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