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  1. Thank you. Do you make or buy these? If you make them - where can I get directions?
  2. what is a commando rope apparatus - assuming a combination of knots?
  3. any sources for getting tents repaired? we have several 6 year old tents with major camping experience - broken zipper, torn seam.
  4. heard about camping in a cave at our local University of Scouting a year ago. Cannot find my notes as to where this was at. ever hear of this. I think it was in Ohio
  5. This is a very old troop with a steady decline.
  6. 5 in the entire troop (sad but true)
  7. Thanks for some replys - obviously I am a new boy scout - my son just entered the troop. He just completed and graduated from Webelos II. I have been an active den leader for the last 5 years with him and an active committee member. I have been the number of Webelos that did not move on - I also have been in very close contact with our troop during these years and want to see this troop continue for my son and thrive.However, they have this policy to go on a campout you must attend two weekly meetings prior to the campout? If you are active in any other activity it doesn't als
  8. Would any troops be willing to share their troop yearly calendar with me? What & how do you handle small troops (5 boys)who are active in sports and other outside activities? We never know the schedules until the beginning of the season (i.e. basketball, baseball, football) and then if it falls a game or practice falls on a troop meeting night or campout well it hurts the troop because we are so small? Does every troop follow the once a week meeting plus once a month campout (fri - Sun) plus fundraisers as needed rule?
  9. In the Nov.-Dec. 2000 issue of Boy's Life they mentioned this site. someone asked the question what to do becuase 70% of the boys in Webelos did not go on to the troop. We have the same problem- we have had a growing pack for the last few years and until recently had few boys moving on to the troop. What can the troop (now consisting of 4 6-7 grade boys) to gain positive exposure and lick the peer pressure issue? How do we get more boys to join?
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