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  1. Thank you one and all - love your input(Ted it's almost too much/good) - keep it coming and may all of you have a merry holiday season.
  2. After years of camporees and scouts complaints have sort of convinced the scouts to commit to doing one next fall. Would like to provide input based on experience and wonder if someone may have developed a checklist as a guide. If you would like to email me direct please feel free to - I'll take as much info/input as you may wish to provide..of course I do not wish other people to be deprived of your comments. Michael Jirasek, scoutmaster Troop 20 jirs23m@hotmail.com Thanks in advance
  3. After reading these posts it's apparent that scouting has dedicated active thinkers...and the breadth of thought would be the envy of any band of individuals. It is this energy that bodes well for the future of scouting. My first post, sure not to be my last. Keep the faith!
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