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    Alps Mountaineering vs. REI

    I second the praise on the folks at Alps. I ordered the Extreme 3 outfitter and the day after it arrived took it on a winter camping trip where the temps dropped down to 20 degrees. EXCELLENT tent. Granted it didn't keep me warm my 0 degree bag did that. But in the morning there was no condensation inside the tent. And unlike the water that was left outside on the picnic table the water inside was not frozen. The tent was reasonably easy to set up and roomy enough for two winter campers. Although our packs had to stay outside in the vestibules. That would be the only complaint, the extreme 3 may have been made for 3 people but only the 3 that you really like because you're going to be sleeping right up against each other. I like how my SIL put it while we were crawling into the bags "more like one guy and two girls". LOL