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  1. I put in 13 years with a troop under these circumstances and finally gave up. I guess the adage: "You can't fight city hall." applies here. I am now in a different troop and loving every minute of it. I wish I had made the move years earlier. Stosh That is what the dist. rep. suggested as well. She said her son thrived when they moved to a different troop that was more active. He regained intersted. My 11 year old wants to be with his friends. My 14 year old wants to quit. When I offered a new troop, he said if I was going to make him go, he might as well stay where he is.
  2. Our Troop seems to be an old school troop where the leaders have been around for years and there is VERY little flexibility for change or to do things any other way than it's currently done. I have had a few run in's with the SM in the last few months that have left me wondering why I keep brining my kids back to this troop other than the fact they refuse to leave. (even for dear mom!) I believe our old school leaders have a hard time accepting women into the group and will seldom acknowledge the other moms and rarely listen to any ideas I present. I love working with the boys and had a bl
  3. So I'm interested in learnin' about any units out there who are doin' things with more modern communications methods. What have you done? What have you learned? How's it worked? Even "What would you like to try?" ________________________________________________ I'm a modern technology gal/scout mom and I prefer the email method. I am the Troop Treasurer, taking over as CC and a big volunteer in our group. I prefer to send parents reminders when bigger events are coming up. I got a HUGE hand slap from the SM last month when I did this and he asked me not to email families anymore. I
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