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  1. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to appropriately introduce a scout to his Eagle Board of Review? After introducing our last Eagle candidate, the District Eagle Advancement Chairman kept looking at me like he was expecting me to say more. What all do you say? Thanks.
  2. Should of signed up here a long time ago, got more information in these two posts then I have gotten from our DE in the past month. On some of these things, its just seems like the BSA leaves things so vague. I hadn't seen the training requirement sheet that you posted. The only thing our council ever put out was really cryptic. Nice to see some plain language direction, that perfectly makes sense. One last thing, would training you pick up at summer camp qualify as council level, or are they looking more for a specific training day/weekend event?
  3. The "old" Boy Scout Leader's Training Award. I was told to continue using that version for myself and the existing leaders, just wanting to finish it off sooner then later before they pull that one from us.
  4. Searched and called our DE without a straight answer. Been working on finishing the Leader's Training Award and one of the possible requirements is to complete supplemental training. Trying to get a list of what will qualify for that requirement. Been doing a lot of training this past year, a lot of it required for position but some of it isn't and I didn't know if any of it will satisfy that requirement. Thanks.
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