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  1. No, I am not the Den leader. Our Den leader is quitting when this school year is over (He lasted 1 year). Myself and another mother volunteered to take the boys so that they would be able to go at all. As for the "problem child," He lives in my neighborhood. At age 4 I found him wandering the streets, no parent in sight. We have been at school 3 years now. In pre-K, he had his own "time-out" chair. Every morning, outside the school, He and his sister are the first dropped off before the door even opens and they scream and fight over who will walk in first, Every morning! The teachers
  2. Maybe I misrepresented. These are 7 year olds, finishing up tigers and the 1st grade this month. So technically, does this make them tigers or bears? We were told - 1 walking partner for every 4 kids. Is this wrong? Thanks for the help
  3. I am taking a group of 8 tigers to day camp next month. None of us have ever been before. There is one boy going who is notorious at our school for behavioral problems. Parents are oblivious/no help. Grandparents do most of the shuffling to and fro. I know everyone will be excited and overwhelmed with all there is too see and do. Add to that dirty, hot, tired, and hungry by the end of each day. I want to be proactive, set some ground rules for behavior, be prepared to handle what may come up, and give incentive/rewards for good behavior. I was thinking of awarding a "Camper of
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