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  1. Hi All! I started a thread last October regarding my Chartered Organization who happens to be a Preist in a Catholic Church. The problem has not abated and now he is threatening to remove me as CubMaster and not sign off on my leaders unless they get sign offs from their church saying that they attend weekly services. My Committee is absolutely incensed! These days, it is tough enough to get good quality volunteers. We are supposed to recharter by the end of March and the majority of my committee seems to want to leave the church. We are meeting on Feb. 26th to discuss this. I guess my
  2. Yes, he is relatively new (5 years?, before my time). Myself and my DE have a meeting with him this Friday and I have already casted a few nets out to see if there are any takers if we need a new CO. Thanks for the input, scoutldr!
  3. Hi all! I am new here and look forward to this resource to help me with my Pack. I am the CubMaster in a small town (
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