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  1. I found the contact email for recommendations and concerns regarding the uniform: program.content@scouting.org My observations to BSA are: 1. Microfiber shirts have shoulder loops too far back, not centered on shoulders 2. Microfiber cargo pants should have cargo pockets on sides, not front (uncomfortable to cary anything while hiking) 3. Eliminate the stitching on left shirt pocket for pen. Hole is great, but stitching makes sewing rank very difficult, especially on smaller youth sizes. Jim
  2. BSA did a good job with the cotton Centennial cargo uniform pants. I wanted to get a synthetic uniform for rain and snow and the Scoutshop said they redesigned the synthetic again. The shirt seems okay, except the shoulder tabs are way too far back and the vent is a little funny. The strange thing is the cargo pants...they decided to put the pockets on the front rather than the side. Needless to say, if you put anything of size in them they are very annoying during a hike. Does anyone know the correct contact at BSA headquarters to provide feedback? Jim
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