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    Hey, I'm new to this forum, though i've been lurking for a while, mostly in the Issues & politics folder (wow) and I'd just like to say hello. I've been involved with Scouting, off and on, since about 1990. Went three three straight years in the provisional/scoutreach program, but then was later able to jump into to more traditional scouting. Never a Scout myself (kinda jealous at all I missed) but I've really been blessed to be able work with Scouts of many different backgrounds, races, and age groups, and do some cool Scouting stuff, including going to several BSA camps, and doing some independent stuff. Really, really enjoyed myself. Had to learn leadership along the way, since it was kinda forced upon me... So, while PinkFloyd is learning, i'm gonna be taking notes as well. Cuz I still have much to learn (and I'm considering starting a troop or Venture Unit where i'm at). Hope that's okay.