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  1. I haven't updated because I have no update to give. Our phone calls and a few emails have not been returned. We have thought of just showing up to a meeting, but our apprehension about the unknown and the potential of possible humiliation has kept us from making the meetings. We have had no communication with the troop since the night we were told our son might be asked to leave the troop. We have been looking for another troop in our area, but since we are likely to get a job transfer to another state in a few months, we have not opted to go ahead with the transfer to a local troop since
  2. More information: The adults that were present at the time of the injury were addressed by council, and they admitted they were at fault and that their judgment was subpar that day. To my knowledge, there is nothing else pending and we have not/will not pressed/press the issue beyond the troop level. The troop has made several changes, pushed training and then retraining, and they have created safeguards and placed certain protocols in place in the wake of what happened. The changes seem viable and really are an all-around good solution. We know accidents happen. We are all willing to mo
  3. Recently (last night), we were told that our son might be dismissed from the troop for misbehavior. This is the first we have heard of any type of misbehavior since our son joined the troop in March. We have not been told what misbehavior it is/was that they are referencing (because a committee has to meet with us?). Our son, like any other 13 year old boy would state, says he has no idea what misbehavior they are referencing either. Someone please help us understand the BSA policy or a Scout's dismissal from a troop. Also, we expressed a desire to just move to another troop. We were
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