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  1. I see that this is a very old thread and that it's been close to two years since the most recent post on it, but nonetheless, I'd like to mention my experience with Bill Hillcourt. My troop in Plano, TX, happened to have a parent who worked in the National Office in Irving, which wasn't that far away. I'm not sure how all the pieces came together, but when it came time for my Eagle Court of Honor in October 1984 (which I shared with my friend, David), this parent managed to get Green Bar Bill to be the featured speaker. And what do you think his topic was....????? SERENDIPITY. My parents still talk about the concept of serendipity to this day, and it's been more than 25 years since that court of honor. What an honor it was for me and David to have a true legend speak at our court of honor. He gave us both a signed copy of his biography of Lord Baden-Powell (complete with the green bars!). Looking back on it now, I knew at the time it was special to have him there, but like so many things in life you truly don't appreciate them at the time; they gain value with time. I went to the '89 Jamboree in Virginia, and I saw him there, too. What a great experience and memory for me and my friends. I hope his legacy continues, even into this age where staying true to the ideals of Scouting is more and more difficult. Thanks for having this forum and for providing an outlet for me to speak a word of thanks to this amazing man who touched the lives of so many people.