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  1. Thank you to everyone who has posted their opinion here. For those who still think that everyone should crossover, look at the definition of "Crossover in the glossary section of the Cub Scout Leader Book. It states: "When Webelos Scouts become Boy Scouts: "Webelos Crossover"." Nothing more, nothing less, and no one added.
  2. CubsRgr8, where can I find a printable version of the "definition" that you refered to? This is exactly the kind of evidence that I am looking for.
  3. acco40 Thank you for your response. I didn't think there was a policy but I thought I would try here to see. This has become a real battle among our committee. As to your question, that's a tuffy. I'm glad you're so involved and respect the fact that you can do it. I guess it comes down to whether you would rather be the one crossing them over into the troop or be the one welcoming them into the troop. I don't envy your decision. It is a wonderful problem to have. By the way, my son is receiving his "Super Webelos" patch this week.(This message has been edited by kc_scouting_dad
  4. I appreciate everyones comments and opinions but, unfortunately you have missed my question. The question was, Is there an official BSA policy on this matter? Response to Twocubdad, I agree with having the presentation of the AOL first but, how can you have the cross over then the graduation. At the point of cross over, the boys are no longer a part of the pack so therefore have nothing to graduate from.
  5. The way that we have our program planned is this: 1) Award Arrow of Light to scouts who have earned it. 2) Pack Graduation Ceremony for all 2nd yr. Webelos. 3) Cross-Over for scouts joining a troop at the time of the ceremony. Does this fall in line with what you have done in the past Bob?
  6. They would all be involved in the same ceremony. It is my understanding that the traditions of Scouting dictate that only those boys joining a troop, at the time of the ceremony, participate in the ceremony. Am I wrong about this?
  7. Does anyone know what the official policy of BSA is on who can and cannot cross over during the ceremony, or if there is a policy? We have a situation in our pack where we have boys who are going on into a Boy Scout troop, and some who are not. Some feel that only those who are going on into a troop should cross-over, and others feel that all of them should cross-over whether they are joining a troop or not. I guess what I am looking for here is tangible evidence to supply to our pack committee about this. Just so you know my stance, I feel that only those joining a troop should cross-over.
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