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  1. I know the Scout has a friend in the other troop. I am just worried. I would not go out and deliberately ask a boy from another troop myself. Thanks for helping set my mind at ease.
  2. I have found out that another troop has been inviting one of my youth to their troop functions. They do not invite all of the youth in our troop, just one. I find this shady and disrespectful to my troop. Any ideas? What would you think if this were happening to your troop?
  3. They need to have someone other than a lawyer write the rules. It should be in plain English and easy to understand for all. I do think there should be a male at the camp out for the same reasons a female needs to be there for a venture crew. There are just sometimes you need to have a male when you are dealing with boys.
  4. I thought it came under coed. Now i have some people telling me we only need one leader at meetings too. Their reasoning is that gss says two deep for trips and outings. I am under the impression you should always have two deep.
  5. Here is something i have been confused about lately. In venturing if there are female scouts we need both female and male leaders. But i can not find where two female leaders can not take a troop of boys camping. I think it falls under co ed camping because you Have both males and females (leaders), so you should have leaders of both sexes. What are your thoughts?
  6. Thanks everybody. I was just told there is going to be a bar in another room next to the event. I told the parents to not bring them if they were not comfortable, and those that do no class a. I don't need to go to prison for this. lol
  7. The golf course donated the rooms for the event, and the employees are buying the food. We need to take care of everything else. I don't think our DE drinks. lol
  8. My wife is putting on a fundraiser for a scouting family in need. We are having a band, and a dj and the local golf course has donated the rooms. The boy the benefit is for is a 14 year old Boy Scout in my troop. This is not a scout event. It was never meant to be a Scout event. We did, however, ask the Boy Scouts to support their friend and help at the event. The problem is the golf course would like to set up an open bar. I personally don't see the problem. The boys will be helping with set up take down and bussing tables. I have one adult that called the District Executive and th
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