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  1. Trevorum: I wondered how that site worked. However I hit two on Yahoo groups, and I'd swear I now know what a shark attack feels like Thanks for the tips! Eamonn: They do bring back memories! I got a chance to see part of England during the Eclipse in '99. I'll get back there with my wife someday.
  2. *nods* Yep, that is the way I plan to go in a week or so. My initial intent is to give anyone a chance who wants to buy direct from me if they happen to belong to the Troop / Lodge that any of these belong to. My wife and I eBay quite a bit of stuff already and they'll be heading there next. Thanks for responding!
  3. Morning all! I am looking to sell my entire patch/memorabilia collection. I have photo albums on Yahoo you may peruse at the link listed below... This is my own patch collection, which has sat buried in the basement since the late 70s, not to see the light again until October of this year. I acquired every single one of these patches, books, scarves and other memorabilia between 1971 and 1978. This list is a work in progress. Unless indicated otherwise, none of these patches has ever been worn and are MINT or Near-MINT. Nearly all of these patches were put into the folders as soon as I got them. Only a very few of the patches were ever worn and are indicated as such. Same for some of the neckerchiefs and slides. You should be able to clearly see any damage in the pictures. Those patches that do show damage are basically stained. As I am NOT sure how to go about treating them, I am pretty much selling them As-Is. This entire patch collection is available for viewing at: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/friend_otter/my_photos I can be contacted for questions at: Friend_otter@yahoo.com NOTE! - Some of my pictures show a smudge. This is ***NOT*** a stain; rather it is due to an inspection of the camera lens by our ferret. ALSO! The Photo Albums are organized a bit differently than the text list. I grouped several sections together in making each folder. However I have no doubt you will find what you seek as you go along. AND! I have not been able to completely identify a number of the patches- I could find nothing to match them with. You are welcome to make offers for individual patches, however we are not interested in selling the entire bunch at a discount to re-sellers. Hope this posting meets the standards of the site!
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