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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was participating as an parent at this outing. Scouting is not new to me, I have been a Den leader for my youngest son since Tigers. I have also been on many BS campouts, as my oldest son is now a Life scout with this troop. At no time has any hazing ever occurred in the past, that's why I'm looking for some feedback. I first became aware of the plans when my younger son heard rumors of the "initiation" and let me know. Unfortunately, the main scout in question is as Engineer61 described, without remorse. Maybe it's time to have him sit down wi
  2. Our troop was on a campout this weekend when I got word of a planned hazing ritual by a few of the second year scouts. The first year scouts were to be sprayed in the face with bug repellent, but I was able to stop the incident before it happened. The most worrisome part of the incident was when I overheard the "leader" of this group say, "Let's make some bad memories for someone" How do I handle discipline for these 3-4 scouts?
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