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  1. It is a pleasure to pass the word that the sales agreement for the Chicago Council to sell the Owasippe property has been terminated. Also, a Stipulation And Order Of Dismissal [with prejudice] has been agreed to between the Chicago Council and the Township concerning the zoning issues that have been in court. Several years of grass roots effort by many has been recognized by these actions of the Chicago Council. The complete message from the Council President can be found at www.chicagobsa.org.
  2. nldscout - I ask again. Will you be the first to underwrite the expense of such action? There has already been $1-million spent by the Chicago Council with the result being that the court ruled in favor the township. I suggest that the feelings of many about the CAC is reflected in the above comment concerning popcorn. Perhaps starting with your underwriting the Council can spend it's dollars on programming and leave the legal expenses of appealing a court decision to those who want to donate for the purpose of the appeal. Much seems to be happening that can cure the il
  3. anarchist - There has been several years of rank and file membership objection. Over the past few years the COR's have not elected the board slates that have been proposed. Currently the Board that sits is one that was selected through the BSA Central Region office. Also, the current SE has been appointed by BSA National to administer the Council. Not sure that heads are on pikes but there are many who set out down this course no longer a part of the Board. A hand few of those who voted to go down this course are still around but seem to have flip-flopped.
  4. nldscout - Will you be the first to underwrite the expense of such action? There has already been $1-million spent by the Chicago Council with the result being that the court ruled in favor the township. Perhaps with your underwriting the Council can spend it's dollars on programming and leave the legal expenses of appealing a court decision to those who want to donate for that purpose.
  5. Owasippe operated 6 weeks of camp in 2008. Opened 6/29. Last day was 8/9.
  6. The core issue of the Chicago Council decision to sell Owasippe has not changed. That was decided more than 3.5 years ago. At issue has been the decision to sell to a residential developer. The Council took on an obligation to sell to the developer, in exchange for over $19-million. In addition the Council took on the obligation to have the entire property zoning changed from Recreational to Residential. The Council has already spent more than $1-million to effect a zoning change. The expense has been paid from Council operating funds. There has been no special fundraising nor appea
  7. nldscout writes, "If I was ruling on this, I would rule against the township. I beleive they are in the wrong here." Amazing! You're offering a ruling based on not hearing [or even reading] the 9 days of court testimony. Based on not having read the 4+ file boxes of evidence and pleadings. Have you even read the 19 page Opinon? I have done all of the above. Still waiting for contact outside this group concerning your wager offer.
  8. nldscout - I guess the only thing I can respond with is the final words from who you call "a local judge" along side the final words of the Supreme's in the 2005 Kelo vs. New London case: Local judge: "this court declines the invitation to thwart the will of the public as expressed through the Township Board." Supreme's: "The Court declines to second-guess the wisdom of the means the city has selected to effectuate its plan." I'll entertain your offer of a wager outside this group.
  9. Thank you SSScout for your question. The 5+ year effort of the Owasippe Outdoor Education Center (OOEC)to preserve the Owasippe property and to assure that Scout camping is preserved on the property would appreciate any financial assistance. The OOEC is a 501©(3) organization with it's Vision for the preservation of the property, including America's oldest Scout Camp, at www.ooec.org. Jim Schlichting Whitehall MI
  10. A Circuit Court Opinion has been issued that solidly sides with the township's zoning of the Owasippe property. Residential housing as proposed by the Chicago Council has never been allowed on the property and has ruled that the township has the ability to maintain that designation. With probably more than $1-million already spent on the case it has been stated by Council officials that an appeal will go forth.
  11. LH writes: "My plan was to never let this get started but there was no support for that because "It will never happen". My plan was to stop the sale at the beginning when Stone's track record was revealed. " So you have no plan now and you prefer what you said, "...I hope Stone wins and builds as many one room shacks as he can." So sad that you choose to support residential development over the conservation of natural resources. It's amazing how many Scouting members truely have their own selfish motives and would rather trade natural resources for the maximum cash-in to run th
  12. LH writes: "I can only figure that your are referring to the sale of Owasippe Lake which to my knowledge occurred after the change in tax assessment, and some say as a result of the reassessment. Land adjacent to CAC's as I understand it was NOT reassessed at the higher rate at that time. That is to say all the property in that area of that zoning type was not reassessed at that time." I am refering to the CAC disposal of about 8,000 acres of Owasippe property which included Owasippe Lake and all of the Owasippe property that was between that Lake and the current Western boundary of
  13. Lisabob writes: "If I'm wrong about this, I'll be the first to celebrate, mind you." Celebration may be possible but it certainly is too early to buy any champagne concerning the Owasippe property. Some time ago the good people of the State of Michigan were wise enough to establish, through a vote of the people, the Michigan Natural Recources Trust Fund. This is a fund that collects the royalties paid for the extraction of oil, gas and such resources in Michigan. MNRTF funds can only be used for the purchase of property and for improvements to property with natural resource
  14. LH writes: "I do apologize Jim, if your going to dis a man you should get his name right." ********* Yes, it is rather important to get names correct. I guess how important it is for you to dis someone is a judgement call that only you can make. Take the best shots you can man. I can take it. ********* LH further writes: "Late 70's early 80's Blue Lake Township rezoned the property from what ever it was to a higher rate. Chicago Area Council requested for years to have the zoning changed BLT refused." and also wrote: "I was angry when Blue Lake Township or
  15. eolesen writes: "To keep all of Owasippe tax exempt, the land could be subdivided into 400 acre parcels, with individual councils and other not-for-profits owning them. If CAC is unable to sell it as residential property, I don't know if they'll still go forward with selling it. If they do, someone should be lobbying the state to just buy it as a wildlife refuge..." ********* There are many alternatives to the sale of the property by the CAC for residential development. However, the Chicago Scouts have decided to invest what I believe is close to $1-million of their money
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