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  1. Lynda: Thank you for reading my post incorrectly. I never stated that my council directly caused the death of my pack. The problem was on a much larger scale. Without revealing who I am, I also had a much larger position within my district. During that time, I saw DEs and council management that ONLY cared about their bottom line and how much money they could get out of each parent. I cared too much for my friends and neighbors in my community to keep my mouth shut and made sure everyone knew what was going on, including local businesses. When we took over our pack 3 yrs ago, it was on the verge of death and we literally brought it back to life. We had SOME parent involvement, but a very small amount. We gave our entire selves to our pack and district and everyone around knew it. When the council kicked me out, I wasnt the only one who was upset. Quite a few packs boycotted events, most wanted the resignation of our DE, and it drew media attention. I cant even begin to tell you what it did to me. Since I had to leave the pack, most parents were furious with what happened and left as well. The others went to another pack, which we refered to them. Dont lecture me about my responsibility in a pack. We DID do it right. The only thing I expected from my council was to put our boys first, just as we do. But they ( a non-profit organization) only cared about how much they could take from us. So, YES, I do blame them for the down-fall of a wonderful pack, as well as taking away my 7 yr-olds chance of being an Eagle like his dad. I do still believe in scouting, just not with this council.
  2. Well thank you for that last post, now you have totally confused me. I read the other thread on this same subject and everyone on there said it belonged to the CO. Our pack was in good standing and owed no money to the council. So I dont understand how that last post fit in with the advise from others on here
  3. Our CO is a church (our church)..... What is a church suppose to due with uniforms, pins, badges, and books?
  4. Due to numerous issues with the country's worst council, our pack has died. Unfortunately, even though we had over 50 kids last year (and celebrating our 25th yr), we had no support from parents or council and it was run solely by myself and my husband. Council terminated my membership for speaking my mind (and the truth), and since, my husband (an Eagle Scout), lost his passion for scouting. Our pack died when we stopped. Some kids switched to other packs, and others quit scouting due to the events that took place. Since we ran the pack, all of the belongings are still in our possesion. What happens when a pack dies? Where does the money go from the checking account? Where do the belongings go? We have over $500 worth of pins, badges, beltloops, books, uniforms..... you name it. We also have a 4-lane alluminum track.... Anyone have some answers, that dont include donating it to council?
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