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  1. BrentAllen - You must be employed by Atlanta Area Council if you disagree with my assessment. It is well documented that they are crooked and care more about money than youth. The entire administration should be replaced by honest people. As for Woodruff - My entire synopsis is correct.
  2. It's a shame most camps are going to swimming pools over lakes. In my opinion, I think councils should manage their lakes in the off-season to rid them of pollutants and bacteria. I'd much rather see the waterfront down by the lake than down by a blasted pool.
  3. I am an Eagle Scout and ASM and have set up summer camp for our troop now for 5 years. We have been to several summer camps and I'll give you some information on the ones we have been to and rate them from 1 (horrible) to 10 (excellent). 1. Woodruff Scout Reservation 3 out of 10 This is my home councils camp and I give it a 3 at most. As mentioned in previous posts it is the largest summer camp around. Being the largest isn't always best in this case. 750+ campers during the week is extremely excessive. The wonderful (and use wonderful loosely) executives at Atlanta Area Council hav
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