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  1. Well, it took some time but I followed all the links you offered. Sad to say but none of the images I was looking for are there. The only ones that even fit the desired form factor are apparently no longer available, either. I need GIF (or, if need be, JPG), not FLASH, content, so your kind offer unfortunately won't solve my issue, even if I could articulate the details of these "banner ads" as I remember them. In Scouting, thank you.
  2. Several years ago, there was a BSA-oriented "Banner Ad Cycle" service that randomly cycled thru several "Banner Ads" that were all Scouting promotional / inspirational images and messages. Thinks like "Character Counts" and "Take your boy scouting or go scouting for your boy" and stuff like that. Nice images and good messages, but emulating the kind of rolling banner ads that many websites force on their users. It was implemented by incorporating a chunk of JavaScript that would reach out to a cgi script running on the website "www.countrywide.net" to secure the images at runtime. Un
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